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The best age range is 14-16 for both USA and Europe, because the younger you are the more time coach has to develop you as an athlete. College coaches usually start looking at prospects when they are younger to see how they develop and to get the full picture of their game, before they can offer you a scholarship.


In the USA basically all the major sports, for example basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, skiing and golf. In Europe we can find scholarships for soccer and basketball players mostly.


The best time would be 2023 fall (September/October) because, then there is a lot of time to research and find you the best fit according to your athletic and academic profile. Schools also have more scholarship money to offer to students, which is extremely important to receiving the biggest scholarship amount possible. If you do not start September/October, then this does not mean you can’t get a partial or full ride scholarship still, this is just to get a early entry in the recruitment process.


One of the most important parts of the recruitment process for student-athletes is the sports highlight video and budget. The highlight video and the budget will allow us to start talking and negotiating with schools that are the best fit for you athletically and also affordable for you and your family, if you are not offered a full-ride scholarship.

There is no direct requirement for what the highlight video has to be, but the ideal length of the video is anywhere around 3-4 minutes.

We receive around 50% or more reductions in tuition costs, which could be up to 50,000 in savings. This makes this once in a lifetime opportunity very affordable for families.

USA high schools usually offer partial scholarships, but in some rare cases also full ride scholarships to prospects who are very talented at their sport.

The cost of tuition is around $35,000-$50,000. Some schools can also go up to $80,000+ without a scholarship making it extremely expensive for families to afford. Private and boarding high schools are not funded by the local, state or federal government making them charge high prices to make up for the lack of funding. Boarding schools also have a lot of additional fees like housing, food and so on.


It depends on what kind of athlete we are looking at, but usually European clubs and academies offer either a full ride scholarship or no scholarship to the student-athlete.

The cost of a private non-profit four year college is around $30,000-50,000 without a scholarship or financial aid. This is with housing and other fees included.

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