Worldwide Athletic Recruitment

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Our mission is to help and guide student-athletes to find the best fit for them and to make sure that the student-athlete enjoys their experience studying abroad.

Athletic and Academic scholarships in the USA, Europe and Asia

  • We help basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, tennis, and swimming student-athletes and also regular students get athletic and academic (full and partial) scholarships in:

-USA (high school, prep school, university)

-Europe (clubs, academies)

-Asia (clubs, academies universities)

  • Agency fee:

– USA & Europe: 3000€ with a 500€ initial deposit

– Outside USA & Europe: 4000€ with a 500€ initial deposit

FREE Consulting from Industry Professionals

  • No matter is the student-athlete just starting the recruitment process with us or has already committed to a high school/club/academy etc, our clients get FREE recruitment consulting from industry professionals with 10+ years of experience in the field, to make sure they are on track to achieve their goals and dreams in both athletics and academics.

  • Recruitment consulting consists of:

    • Putting together a personalized game plan for the student-athlete focusing on his/her goals and aspirations.
    • Unlimited Q&A sessions with industry experts
    • Finding out what are the best possible opportunities for the student-athlete
    • Discussing and analyzing each opportunity the student-athlete receives.

24/7 Support by Our Team

  • Besides making sure we get the best opportunities possible for our players regardless of their level or player profile, one of our main priorities is making sure that we are there for the student-athlete at all times, no matter is it at the start of the recruitment process or once the player has already committed to a university in the USA.
  • We will help the student-athlete solve any issues or problems he may encounter, and if the student-athlete or his/her parents have any questions or concerns then we will be there to answer and solve all of those as well.

sports scholarships

Recruitment Process

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and seamless process for both the athletes and their families, and to securing the best possible scholarships and offers possible.

1. Information

Once the student-athlete has decided to start the recruitment process, then the first step would be presenting us your highlight tape, budget and your personal preferences.

2. Negotiating with schools

A soon as we get the necessary info from the student, we start looking and talking with schools that would be the best fit for you and your family. The timeline for searching and talking with schools depends on your academic and athletic profile. 

3. Decision

When the student-athlete has had the interviews and has a good overview of the schools that offered a scholarship, then this is when the student decides if he wants to enroll in a school or not.


4. Getting Visa and providing the school with documents.

If the student decides to enroll to a school, then the fist step would be to get all the info for the school, for example providing the school with english tests (TOEFL, duolingo etc), transcripts, grades sheet etc. For some countries you also may require a visa to enter the country. For example, if the student enrolls into a US school then the student will most likely need a US visa to enter the country.

sports scholarships